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Vocational Training Center

Training for Job-making NOT job-seeking!

Tailoring Training.jpg

With over 20% of girls and boys tagged 'school drop-outs' in our community, we took this as an opportunity to prove to the world that there's no such a child as a drop-out! Esther turned her sleeves up to give them hope through her hair salon. This has birthed the King's Kid Vocational Training Center, where many boys and girls have been accorded an opportunity to develop job-making skills like hair dressing, bridal-ware, tailoring, farming,, catering, et cetera! To date KKVCT has helped over 30 girls and boys to make their own jobs. They have had their dignity restored and currently giving back to their communities where they were once tagged  'school drop-outs'!

We invite you to come and explore with us the journey of helping more of these potential community transformers!

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