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$56,000 RAISED!

Staff House Construction_edited.png
KKHS currently has a team of 37 staff. For most of these staff the school has to pay monthly rent which drains the school/home finances.

We have embarked on constructing staff housing. This will help us to:

1. Have our staff on site whenever we need them. Children will have 24/7 care.

2. Improve on our staff remuneration as rental fees will be redirected to the staff salaries.

3. Provide a more regular attention to the academics of the children, hence improving on their performance.



The New School Building.jpg
Heading 5

King's Kid Vocational Training Center is currently transforming lives of young men and women who would have been deemed by the community as school drop-outs! There are 30 students who have already gone out to start their life with dignity even as they make their own jobs! 20 students are currently being trained. Construction of the 1st level has been completed with great support from friends. Please help us finish the next 2 levels of the building. This will help us give a purposeful life to many more young men and women, who would otherwise have no hope!


Each sewing machine costs $150. We need a minimum of 20 sewing machines.

5-Tonner Tipper Truck - $32,000

This truck will make the farm work easy and transportation costs will be eliminated since it will be used to earn some money whenever the school is not using it
100 ACRE FARM LAND - $75,000
Sustainable projects will help the Home/School to have a self-supporting system. The farmland will be used to:

1. Produce sufficient food for the Home/School.

2. Train students in agriculture and animal husbandry.

3. Support the income of the Home/School.
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