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king's kid home school

Each child living at King’s Kid Home is no longer an orphan, physically or spiritually, but a son or daughter adopted by the King of Kings, Jesus, and by our King’s Kid family.

That’s why they are King’s Kids!


a place where children can feel at home as they learn

Our heart is for children to know that they are made in the image of God. God is not a cruel taskmaster. He's the perfect Father who lives to empower His children with purpose and destiny. Education and training is a vital part of that empowerment.

KKHS offers an intervention, physically and spiritually, into the lives of vulnerable children. We want to restore a sense of belonging, dignity and future in every child's life. Sheltering, educating and loving children is our mission at KKHS. Our vision is to see that these children have a place to call home and receive transforming care to develop into empowered, productive and responsible members of society and leaders in their generation.


A generation that will transform generations through Kingdom training. Proverbs 22:6


Transforming future generations through providing holistic education and discipling the Ugandan child now.

Understanding the demographic we serve:

We believe that all children are valuable and carry within themselves unique, God-given talents and dreams. It's our job to nurture and protect their self-worth while empowering their dreams. Some of the children in full time care at King's Kid have lost one or both of their parents due to conflict or disease, such as HIV/AIDS. In some cases their parents are terminally ill due to the disease. In most cases, the children's families are too materially poor to provide for their basic needs, including their education. Often, in Uganda, if children lose one or both of their parents, they can subsequently fall through the extended family safety net, because their relatives are also absent, neglectful or too poverty-stricken to take them in. Family-breakdowns like this can finally result in the abandonment of trying to educate children or worse still the total abandonment of the children.

Whole-person Care:

King's Kid's whole-person, holistic approach to care for children means that they not only receive an quality education and that their physical, health and emotional needs are met, but that they are also nurtured spiritually through Christian counselling and discipleship. Many children arrive at King's Kid bearing scars of rejection and loss at a young age. But God the Father is the Father everyone longs for. Revealing Him to our children is our greatest privilege and testifying to the transformation in the children's lives is our greatest joy.

Our desire at KKHS is for every child to live and learn free from disease, fear and a history of rejection and abandonment, so that they can dream big and see their dreams fulfilled. We want our school to be the best available and train the children from their first grade through to higher education.

Education and Training:

King's Kid Primary and Nursery School comprises nine classes; pre-school (x2) and primary (1 through to 7) with a vision to continue supporting all age groups and all manner of children in the community by establishing a secondary school and vocational training centre. The school is open to all of the children from our King's Kid Homes and to children from the local community. Schooling is free or subsidised by the school for those without means of meeting the minimum required school fees. We use the government standardised curriculum at primary level, with a view to enhance many aspects of the children's learning through additional vocational training. We hire local teachers and staff to help us in our endeavour. A small number of children, having graduated from primary school, are already participating in vocational training programmes, such as hairdressing and tailoring. A growing number of our children are graduating from secondary school and moving on to higher education or employment.


Since its inception, KKHS has been built and funded by gratefully received donations and the practical efforts of many friends from around the world. The daily task of feeding and providing sustenance to the children and staff is a big one and the school is still on the journey to self-sufficiency in this respect. Our aim is to produce enough food to feed the entirety of children at KKHS without having to buy in food externally. Expenses such as food, clothing and even staff salaries, do not fit neatly into a project that can be undertaken as part of a single charitable effort and must be funded each month through the revenue generated by the local development projects KKMI is engaged in and generous donations from our partners and child sponsors.

KKHS welcomes your support, financially, prayerfully or in any other way.

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