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our vision of sustainability

We have a vision to be self-sustaining as an organisation, and to nurture the children in our care into self-reliant and responsible members of society.

stewardship and sustainability

Made in God’s image, human beings have, as an essential part of their existence, a divinely-ordained identity as God’s stewards (Genesis 1:17, 2:15). We are responsible to be wise stewards of everything God has blessed us with (Luke 12:41-48). We believe that living by principles of wise stewardship holds the key to a prosperous and sustainable future. 

At King's Kid, our vision of sustainability is constantly growing, individually and corporately. It is tied not only to principles of biblical stewardship but also to our desire to be the light and salt of God's Kingdom influence in our community (Matthew 5:13-16). This vision concerns the operation of King's Kid Home School (KKHS) but also touches every ministry activity we are involved in. We focus on equipping the children in our care at KKHS by developing their skills in vocations, academics and leadership to become future job-makers NOT job-seekers. We hope to foster in them the skills necessary to break out of the conditions that have kept so many trapped in poverty for so long. Meaningful work brings dignity to peoples' lives. We believe that our children have a crucial role to play in continuing to build the nation of Uganda while raising standards of stewardship within their own circles of influence.

As an organisation we are developing independent sustainable income streams locally to support the work of the ministry. In-house initiatives, such as the Farm, are ways that we are taking steps to ensure a self-sufficient future without having to rely on others giving to the ministry. 

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