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king's kid choir

The King’s Kid Choir are a group of children and adults from Uganda that travel the world for Christian evangelism and advocacy for the millions of orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa.


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In 2007, Amon Bazira, one of the first kids that King's Kid supported, had a vision to start a children's choir to empower and inspire the most vulnerable children in his community of Mityana, Uganda; to serve the Lord by sharing the Gospel through music. Starting with only 15 children, the choir has grown over the years and impacted hundreds of children. The group is made up of and represents children that are cared for at King's Kid Home School (KKHS).

Ambassadors for God and advocates for the millions of orphaned and vulnerable children across the African continent


Through their songs, dances and dramas, the King's Kid Choir presents the vision and mission of KKMI, to 'Create Change in Aching Communities'. The choir aims to spread the Word of God to the children, to communities in Uganda and the world, as well as raise awareness of the challenges faced by orphaned and vulnerable children across Africa.


Under the direction of Amon Bazira, the choir is an incredibly valuable support network for it's members, many of whom have experienced the loss of one or both of their parents. It aims to train and empower children to rise up with confidence and boldness from whatever their situation of sadness and despair may be, to step into their destinies as children of God - King's Kids!


As well as ministering to fellowships throughout Uganda, warming hearts wherever they go, the choir aims to touch nations with it's message of hope.


If you are interested in booking the choir to attend and/or perform at an event or service (currently only available in Uganda), please contact us.




The debut album from the King's Kid Choir, 'RISE UP', is the choir's first studio album, recorded and released in 2015. The album project started in 2014 and took a year to complete. We are thrilled with the final product and believe that it will enable the music and message of the choir to reach a much wider audience. The idea behind the title of the album is about encouraging people to to 'RISE UP', wake up, stand up and speak up for those who don't have a voice, as the choir members do for their fellow children. Many of the songs carry messages of hope and encouragment and reflect the life and soul of the choir. The six-track album consists of traditional as well modern styles accompanied by the children's voices. All songs are original compositions.


King's Kid Choir highlights


  • African Child Concert, Lifehouse Community Church (LCC), Mityana, Uganda, 2011

  • Rejoice Concert, Lifehouse Community Church (LCC), Mityana, Uganda, 2012

  • 1st album recording, Kampala, Uganda, Dec 2014

  • Esther Mponye's 'Designer' album launch, New Highway Hotel, Mityana, Uganda, Jan 2015

  • 'I Come From Africa' single release, Jan 2015

  • Ministry at Kawempe Worship Centre, Kampala, Uganda, Feb 2015

  • Ministry at an open-air evangelistic meeting, Sub-county showground, Mityana, Uganda, Mar 2015

  • Easter Production at the Good Friday Celebration, Lifehouse Community Church (LCC), Mityana, Uganda, Mar 2015

  • Ministry and Gospel Music Concert, Kawempe Worship Centre, Kampala, Uganda, April 2015

  • Ministry and Gospel Concert, Kasangati Full Gospel Church, Kampala, Uganda, May 2015

  • Ministry at an open-air evangelistic meeting, Myanzi, Mubende, Uganda, July 2015

  • Performed at The Grand Opening Concert of 'Prayer Megafest', Prayer Palace, Kampala, Uganda, Aug 2015

  • Children's Community Concert, Lifehouse Community Church (LCC), Mityana, Uganda, Aug 2015

  • Kakaye Viola's 'Erinya Lya Yesu' album launch, Miracle Center Church, Mityana, Uganda, Oct 2015

  • Ministry at Life Power of God Church, Mutungo, Kampala, Uganda, Nov 2015

  • Christmas Production 'God With Us' at Lifehouse Community Church (LCC), Mityana, Dec 2015

  • Debut album 'Rise Up' release, Dec 2015

  • Easter Production, 'Love at the Cross', Lifehouse Community Church (LCC), Mityana, Uganda, Mar 2016

  • Performed at Gospel Music Concert, Kassanda Jonathan David Church, Kassanda, Uganda, Mar 2016

  • Ministry at an open-air evangelistic meeting, Kassanja, Mityana, Uganda, May 2016

  • Performed at 'Love Mityana 2016' Gospel crusade, Mityana, Uganda, Aug 2016

  • Studio recording session, Kampala, Uganda, Nov 2016

  • 'Yelele' single release, Dec 2016

  • Ministry on Sunday at Lifehouse Community Church (LCC), Mityana, Uganda, Jan 2017

  • Easter Production, 'Victory Belongs to Jesus', Lifehouse Community Church (LCC), Mityana, April 2017

  • Ministry during 'Love Mityana 2017' conference and Gospel Campaign, Lifehouse Community Church, Mityana, Aug 2017

  • Performed at the Ssigenda Kunoba Album Launch of Esther Mponye, New Highway Hotel, Mityana, Dec 2019

  • Ventured into a United Kingdom Music, Dance, and Gospel tour that blessed thousands of people - 2020! 

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