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We love partnership because it's a growing, thriving commitment to meaningful relationship. Partner with us financially by joining our unique partnership initiative.

PARTNERSHIP EXPLAINED: perfect for individuals and groups, such as prayer groups, schools, churches, etc.

King's Kid Shareholder programme is our unique financial partnership initiative, involving Links International and you!

We’ve teamed up with Links International, a UK-based, interdenominational Christian charity, with whom we share our key objectives, that is ‘the advancement of the Christian faith, the relief of poverty and the advancement of education…’, to help run our partnership with you. We are routing all of our finances pertaining to the partnership through Links International.


This is financial partnership - a financial partner with King's Kid is someone who makes a commitment to regularly support the ministry through financial giving. Through this initiative the partner becomes a Shareholder (but not in the traditional sense) in King's Kid.

Why is a 'Partner' called a 'Shareholder'?

The reason we are calling it 'shareholding' is because we hope to foster a connection that will yield something of value to both the partners and the intended beneficiaries of the funds. Your financial gift to King's Kid represents an investment into the lives of the children we serve.

The simple idea - shareholding


This is shareholding with a difference - 'buying a share' constitutes a financial gift to King's Kid. When you become a 'Shareholder', your gift is combined with that of other shareholders and is sown into the lives of the primary and secondary school children at King's Kid Home School (KKHS). Your gift enables the local purchase of desks, school supplies, uniforms, clothes, food and medicine for our school children as well as paying teachers and staff. Yes - it does that much! Combining funds in this way ensures maximum impact so that all of the children benefit.

How does it work?


There is no limit to the number of shares an individual or group can buy and you can always buy more shares later on. Each share is worth £48 ($60 USD/AUD/CAN) and lasts for 12 months. The total amount can be given upfront or split into 12 regular monthly payments. For example:


                  1 share                                    10 shares

                     £48                                          £480

             =£4 per month                        =£40 per month

                         (for 12 months)                                                  (for 12 months)



After 12 months has expired you are invited to renew your commitment in order for your support to continue.

Financial integrity


Outstanding stewardship is more than a priority at King's Kid. King's Kid is committed to investing 100 percent of gifts (minus bank charges and administration fees) received into the King's Kid Shareholder programme into front-line ministry that directly benefits children. Our desire is to be an organisation worthy of your trust. We are committed to integrity not just in our work with children, but also in how we handle your tax-deductible donations.  


As a Shareholder, we hope to provide you with valuable insights into the communities and demographic we serve. 

By becoming a Shareholder you are providing a safe place for children to live, learn and be loved. These are the fruits of your giving to us.


Upon partnering with us, this is what you'll receive directly from us:


  • a Shareholder Welcome Pack, which helps to explain your relationship with King's Kid and Links International and vice versa;

  • a certificate of Shareholder status (when purchasing 10 shares or more);

  • an annual financial report with detailed information about how your gift is being used to change lives for good in communities where we are engaged;

  • an informative quarterly newsletter detailing news, developments, stories and testimonies from King's Kid;

  • a profile of a King's Kid child whose life you are helping to change;

  • a personal thank you note or picture from a King's Kid child.


All correspondence pertaining to the Shareholder programme will come from an official King's Kid Ministries International email address ending @kingskidhome.com. As much correspondence as possible is done via email to keep administration costs to a minimum and be as efficient as possible.

As a committed partner of the ministry, we ask that you do the following:

  • Actively pray for King's Kid and the Links International. Visit our Prayer Platform to find out what to pray for specifically;

  • Continue sowing into this ministry expecting God to honour His word: "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over..." - Luke 6:38 KJV


Become a shareholder

Don't hesitate any longer. Please contact us directly at contact@kingskidhome.com to join the programme today.

1 share


For 1 year

That's £4/$5

per month

Reach the un-reached

Educate children

Make Christ's disciples

Train leaders

Develop skills

Restore hope

Change lives


'King's Kid Shareholders' is an initiative of King's Kid Ministries International (KKMI), Uganda, involving Links International, UK. Links is a UK based, registered charity number 327000, a member of the Evangelical Alliance and Global Connections, authorised and regulated by the Charity Commission of England and Wales. Your gift to KKMI is fully tax deductible because it is given through Links International and you will receive a receipt of donation upon request.

Check out Link's website:


Do something amazing


Create Change


for £4/$5 a month