grace harvest garden

A demonstration garden within the grounds of King's Kid for training children in organic agricultural methods.

reflecting god's abounding grace towards us

In 2015 King's Kid partnered with Harvest Gardens, a UK Christian faith-based organisation, dedicated to supporting communities with a life-sustaining food source that is sustainable long-term.


Find out more about Harvest Gardens here: www.harvestgardens.co.uk (external link)


Harvest Gardens, UK, enabled us to establish what is known as a 'Harvest Garden' at King's Kid. While the area of land we have to work with is small, we hope it will have a big impact. We started the project with three long term goals in mind:

  1. to supplement the children's diet with the addition of a variety of nutrient-rich, home-grown vegetables;

  2. to train the children and staff in sustainable, organic agricultural concepts and methods that work, and

  3. to instill a sense of and the practice of good environmental stewardship, not only within King's Kid, but also in the wider community.

After identifying a suitable plot to work upon within the grounds of King's Kid in Mityana, we began a week long start-up programme under the supervision of an experienced local trainer appointed by Harvest Gardens, which saw the garden take shape.

Participating in this project are volunteers from both primary and secondary students at King's Kid Home School (KKHS), as well as interested staff members.

Genesis 1:29 says, 'Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." 

In 2018, the Young Farmers Club of King's Kid was established to protect and maintain the garden to ensure it's continuity. A handful of faithful learners and staff joined the Young Farmers Club and are working hard to this day to produce food for King's Kid and the community.

In an effort to share our success we have included our 'Rules' which guides our work. It can be used as an example to help other schools or organisations wishing to start a Young Farmers Club.

For more information or if you want help or advice to start your own school vegetable garden or Young Farmers Club, please contact us.



RULES (updated 05/09/2019)


Motto: Dig For Victory


Genesis 1:29 – Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.”


What is our vision?


King’s Kid producing food for King’s Kid and the community.


What is our mission?


To strengthen the mission of King’s Kid Ministries International by igniting and nurturing the passion in young people for growing crops and rearing animals without artificial chemicals.


 What are our objectives?


1. To protect and maintain all the school gardens.

2. To produce a variety of nutrient rich crops and animal products to supplement the diet of children and staff at King’s Kid.

3. To sell enough crops to earn an income for the Club to be self-sustaining.

4. To put what is learnt about agriculture in the school curriculum into practice.

5. To practice at home what is learnt at school.

6. To be good stewards of the environment.

7. To demonstrate successful organic farming methods.

8. To train leaders.

9. To learn how to manage a farm successfully.

10. To report on all Club activities to the School Administration.


What are the roles of Young Farmers in Uganda?


[1] Young farmers help spread good farming methods.

[2] Young farmers produce food for the community.


Who can join?


To qualify to be a member of the Young Farmers Club you must be a registered learner or student at King’s Kid. Coordinating Teachers must be teaching or non-teaching staff at the school. Membership is free of charge to new Club members. You must be registered by the Club. You must read and agree to follow the rules and regulations of the Club. The Club involves all the students and learners who are enthusiastic and interested in working in gardening activities. The Coordinating Teachers have a role of coordinating, guiding the Club members, advising, and promoting the Club within the school as well as taking part in decision making of the Club’s activities.


Sustainability of the Club


1. Leadership: At the end of each year, at the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), new committee members (students and learners) that will lead the club will be elected or appointed. Each committee serves for one year and members not allowed to be re-elected to the committee. This is to allow opportunities for others to lead. The committee is composed of: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.


2. Funds: Club funds can be raised through organising different events that help promote the Club, contributions from the main School budget as well as selling some of the garden products in the local community. This is not money for profit - it is only to sustain the Club’s activities, such as buying new tools to replace worn out ones and buying new seeds etc.


Rules and regulations


#1 The Cub is open to all learners from P4-P6 at King’s Kid Nursery and Primary School including secondary school and vocational students at King’s Kid except those in candidate classes. Coordinating Teachers from King’s Kid can join voluntarily or as appointed by the School Administration.


#2 Learners and students can join the Club at any time.


#3 All members must be registered.


#4 The Club is led by a learner/ student committee elected by the learners and students themselves or appointed by the Coordinating Teachers at the Club’s AGM.

#5 Coordinating Teachers guide the learner/ student committee in decision-making and supervise all Club activities to make sure the Club runs smoothly.


#6 Meetings should be held whenever there is a need and a specific day and time should be agreed upon by the members when meetings should be held.


#7 All Club members should work together in the school garden – active participation in all garden activities is a MUST.


#8 No Club member is allowed to harvest any crop or animal product from the garden without permission from the Coordinating Teachers.


#9 The learner/ student committee has the powers to resolve conflicts, discipline or terminate any indiscipline member under the guidance of the Coordinating Teachers.


#10 Record-keeping must be up to date at all times and records of attendance, meetings, reports, harvests and money must be kept safe.


#11 Non-Club members are not allowed to harvest any crop from the garden. If anyone, including Club members, is caught he/she must pay for what he/she has stolen by way of a fine as decided by the learner/ student committee under the guidance of the Coordinating Teachers.


What is important to us?


(1) God-fearing = we love God and whatever we do we believe we are doing it for Him, that’s why we always do our best.

(2) Innovation = we welcome new ideas.

(3) Passion = we love our garden and our school.

(4) Boosting agricultural products = we want to grow and eat more nutritious food.

(5) Team work = we work well together.

(6) Developing skills = we are job makers, not job seekers.

(7) Improving leadership skills = we train leaders amongst us.

(8) Practical = we learn and put agriculture into practice as well as following the school curriculum.

(9) Justice = being fair and honest.


What do we do?


1) Planning for school gardens.

2) Working on garden activities including, planting, watering, weeding and harvesting.

3) Deciding when to harvest and what to do with the harvest.

4) Organising events within the school to promote the club.

5) Keeping records for the club.

6) Storing garden tools for the club.

7) Holding meetings for the club.

8) Reporting on Club activities regularly to the School Administration.


Guiding Principles


{1} We give 10% of our entire harvested yield to God by giving it in our local church.


{2} We balance serving King’s Kid children and staff with the greatest portion of our harvested yield with earning a sustainable income by selling a portion of our harvested yield to the local community.


{3} We recognise the extra work put in by the Club members and the need for motivation and good morale amongst the team by serving them with additional portions of our harvested yield.


{4} We are fully accountable to the School Administration in all areas including abiding by the Club’s Financial Controls Policy. Any changes to our Rules must first be proposed to and approved by the School Administration.

Please pray with us as we work towards a harvest beyond any of our expectations.


You can follow the progress of Abounding Grace Harvest Garden using the gallery below, from the very start of the project in April 2015, to right where we are now.


The images below appear in order of the most recent first.

Last updated: 31/08/2017

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